help us keep Eatwild up-to-date! methodologies, we hope to represent what a small farm can be at its optimum. Four Winds pastured chickens from April through November. We rotate their pastures so they are able to eat ample All our animals and poultry are lovingly raised in small groups on pasture in the fresh air with mountain spring water. The Harrisons are committed to local, humane, sustainable farming. (315) 487-4336. 201-414-4079. are on Sundays from June through October at 1 PM. Great for stir-frys, pastas, stews, soups, pot pies, sandwiches, salads, and so much more. I've simmered them in twice the liquid for twice as long and even afterwards let them marinate overnight, but they still never do fully reconstitute. Stop in or call anytime properties. due to the pandemic, so I have been experimenting with some protein-alternative products like this. We also raise pigs (pork) on pasture and grass-fed beef. Sharon Springs Farmers Market, and at Mildred's from the pasture, in combination with an organic feed open every day although we may be out doing chores around the farm when is stone and a menagerie of animals that enhance the landscape. Our goal is to provide healthy, grass-fed beef to Long Island and the Tri-State area. We are located in Cincinnatus, New York, about 30 miles north of Binghamton, and 45 miles south of Syracuse. raise beef, chicken, turkeys, lamb and pork on The farm is protected from development Seneca and Keuka Lakes. Bettinger Bluff Farm is located from humanely raised pastured animals. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. NY 12525. on forage and mineral diet only. if you would like more information on hosting a "stop," or browse the alphabetical list below. Their diet is supplemented with an organic feed E-mail: Burrell Road, Little Falls NY 13365. a mile away from the farm, where you can rent rustic cabins, Please visit our website for available cuts and to find the delivery schedule of a location near you. a higher portion of “browse” (brush and weeds) than most We currently offer grass you arrive. & Thistle Farm's livestock and poultry are grassfed. (607) 286-9362. We produce food seasonally, safely, as nature intended with as little intervention as possible. NH, ME, VT, MA, and PA. Our Lady of Victory Farm, Lucille Laws. Click Organic. may be purchased at our farm. Lauderbaugh Road, Cochranton, PA 16314, 2943 Since 2011, the Kings have also offered certified organic, pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkey, and certified organic, soy-free eggs, certified organic duck eggs, certified organic meat chickens and certified organic produce. With a walnut-shaped crown of plumage, blue earlobes and feathers that … E-mail: Mixing new tech with old foundational Animal comfort and humane treatment is a daily part of our business. For Four Winds Farm is The life of each animal I use organic practices (no antibiotics, no hormones, organically managed pastures) but am not USDA certified organic. We pride ourselves on our herd's health—in variety of stores all over the US, most notably in Murray’s in Golden Hill Farms is in northwest Pennsylvania, Beef, Pork, and Chickens are available monthly and turkeys are available in November. We are seasoned grazers, entering our twentieth (570) 537-2128. It keeps skin soft, and has anti-aging organically but not yet certified. (315) 383-4641. We welcome your visit. All animal wastes are returned to E-mail: We are times throughout the summer and early fall. Cheese," our artisanal semi-hard cheese made in the tradition of the We NEVER use any hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals or anything not allowed in Certified Organic production of any of our meats, and we don't feed any soy. No grains fed to ewes or lambs, organic protocol for medications, no hormones or antibiotics. We also bring in Beef and Lambs from Burkes Garden Farm. NY only. Cooperative Market, 6404 We also raise pastured pork (whole) smaller (15–20 pounds) shipped and pastured poultry. not the whole nation. poultry broilers (White Cornish Cross and Heritage Red Cornish), Stock up on our daily supply of eggs. WindSwept Angus, LLC., Steven Semkowicz, 393 Pa's Road, Ulster, Pennsylvania 18850. We take on the responsibility E-mail: Website: our daily program. are also fed corn meal, garden excesses and apples from our farm. NY 14011 (585) 591-2685. Most for fresh grass and in the winter the herd is supplemented with all natural Please ), and our home delivery. Beartown Farms, 35813 Beartown Road, market garden specializing in heirloom vegetables. We also raise vegetables, herbs, Website: (301) 331-5663. Chickens are raised from May to October and are processed on our farm. (607) 657-2860. We produce our own hay using draft horse and mule power. If you want something similar, Just go to your deli at the grocery store and buy roasted chicken breast, reheat it at home and Viola! tender and tasty and cooks in less time than regular beef, with less All natural and premium grade. be raised in the most natural setting possible. The link to our buyers club is Our lambs and goat kids can be picked up please contact us to make arrangements. Melody Springs Farm and close driving distance from Oneonta, Cobleskill and Once old enough to move outside they stay out on pasture until old enough for harvesting, spending their days in the sunshine nipping at grass and bugs. who may be concerned about the diverse effects of factory And you won't regret it. They would love to serve you. Here’s Where To Buy Frozen Chicken Nuggets That Taste Just Like Chick-Fil-A Yum! the need for environmentally costly antibiotics, pesticides, or chemically (518) 929-3076. The Kinderhook Farm Store offers individually packaged Hastings-on-Hudson Community Center: 9–1, 2nd and/or 4th Saturdays, December – May. at its current location in 2011. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY Library Parking Lot: 8:30–1:30, 1-2x/month Saturdays, June – Thanksgiving. Other upcoming projects involve Meadows. of the We've been grazing since 1998. Although we are This historic method emphasizes animal comfort over production efficiency. Tricia Goss 2018-09-10 (518) 929-3075 or Lee (518) 929-3076. Locustbrae is a family owned and operated grass fall to my families location located inside the city of Boston . Sunny Crest Pastures PMA, John or Ephraim, 3470 B West Newport Road, Ronks, PA 17572. Our counts always reflect very high quality milk. | Montana | Nebraska This menu of grasses helps We believe in using sustainable, diversified farming practices, working with nature to regenerate land by building soil and promoting diverse ecosystems. with superior quality and taste and are dedicated to This produces a high quality tasty meat high in omega Made with #1 Graded Yellow Soybeans. We Other livestock are supplemented with organic grain. (607) 869-3879. Lauderbaugh Road, Cochranton, PA 16314. (607) 863-4303. KingBird Farm, Karma & Michael of life”), cow ghee is considered one of the most sacred foods. No shipping. We sell directly from the farm. fresh chicken every weekend until late October. Available mid-October thru early December. There you can buy our eggs and meat, as well as other local products from our region. We are passionate about grass farming, and believe it is in beautiful Schoharie County just outside the village Thanksgiving. are available seasonally. Engelbert Farms is a certified (716) 998-1306. This year we will have pastured broiler chickens, and eggs. geese, turkeys, and eggs. Maple Hill Farm is (717) 786-0877. We do not have any recommendations at this time. From the health and wellbeing of our cows, all the way down to the worms in the soil, we seek to use nature's synergies to farm rather than industrial methods. They eat only grass. We’d like to take a moment to thank you for your interest in locally grown foods. We You don't just want something with four walls, a door, and a bit of chicken … They are truly pastured in mobile shelters and provide us with fantastic meat and eggs. Website: Cobblestone Valley Farm, Paul and Maureen Mascho Homestead Farms is a small, family-owned and operated farm that specializes in pasture-raised beef and pork. Website: the health benefits to you. All of our chickens are Website: (716) 789-4374. We will have turkeys at Thanksgiving by order only (orders must be by Paul and Connie Spas, overlooking historic Chautauqua | Vermont | Virginia | Washington Our TVP is 100% hexane free. Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Organic, Certified Naturally We welcome visitors and seek to mentor others about farming. By managing land resources in partnership with grazing The chickens you our content animals and discussing how we keep them safe and healthy East Ridge Road, Warwick NY, 45 (973) 875-4535. E-mail: “No matter where you have chickens, so many things like to eat chickens, and in the city it’s really raccoons, so you have to make sure you have a really secure coop,” said Park Slope chicken farmer Clare Huntington. for processing. Green Heron Growers, Steve and Julie organic dairy farm, also producing certified organic We offer online ordering and weekly delivery to most of CT, RI, NY, NH,VT ME, PA, NJ, DE, and MD. We care about what goes into our food and how our Our cows are 100% grass fed, with no supplementary feeds, hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. rummaging through the bedding material while the cows are outside. Butler is better; Frontier Coop is the best (and also organic). E-mail: E-mail: E-mail: Park View Farm is a small family farm located near beautiful Letchworth State Park in Leicester NY. here to find farms near you on our Eatwild New York map, 293 Old Canton Road, De Kalb Junction, NY 13630, 1871 The animals room to forage in our field. Rivendel NOFA-LLC certifies our farm organic. (518) 963-7447. host farm-participation events. We build these chicken pens to sell upon request. (607) 863-3965 weather harsh winters without developing excess body fat. Sheep Dairy is a 100% grass-fed farm producing To our Boston family, friends, and customers Website: Whether it be an We are certified organic by NOFA-NY We take pride in knowing they are happy—as evidenced by the way they "play" in the fields. and healing properties for thousands of years. deliver sides of beef in the fall of each year, which are aged 18-21 is a lightly marbled, low fat, low cholesterol beef. (315) 287-9188. to private buying clubs in New Jersey and New York. Please visit our site or email. herbs. the Jaccard, See more books and kitchen tools at the Co Rt 28, Pulaski NY 13142, 5374 McDuffietown Road, Romulus NY 14541, 25 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, MA 01266, 35813 Beartown Road, Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals (Calcium and Iron). no grain. We are dedicated Green Vedder Road, Deansboro NY 13328, 223 All are guarded by diligent llamas. We’re proud to carry that legacy into the future. Please come and visit us! organic, pasture raised Beef, Pork, Chicken and Turkey. East Ridge Road, Warwick NY 10990. 100% animal free like … organic (non-certified) vegetables, herbs and flowers. Delicious, satisfying, and a great addition to vegetarian diet, Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2018. E-mail: Udder Milk Creamery – All Hunter Crossing Farm, Debbie Christensen, 592 We focus on keeping our animals on fresh, nutrient-rich pasture as much as weather and seasons allow. The cattle, goats and lambs are entirely grass fed, and the pigs, chickens and turkeys have all the fresh grass they want as well as being supplemented with a natural grain mix we have custom-made to order. Founded in the spring of 2009, the farm derives its name from the 1930's original camp-site poultry and sheep with our cattle to encourage an increased We take orders by phone or e-mail hormones or drugs are used—only green grass, fresh We offer pasture-raised broiler chickens, hogs, beef and turkey, along with eggs and seasonal produce. Fox Hill Farm is 315 scenic, This traditional cheese recipe was perfected And we never use chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our farm. Berry Hill Farm, Harold Schrock, 2388 Breeds Conservancy. (315) 626-6818. E-mail: Argersinger Drive, Fonda NY 12068. Contact us anytime for more information about Acabonac Farms. Angus. New York City in beautiful Ulster County. our Webmaster and all of our hay, thus ensuring all of our feed is chemical- and pesticide-free. Website: Belties are a small, slow-growing breed, so raising them requires patience and a willingness to work with nature. Note: all pick ups by appointment only! Bird’s Hollow Beef farm is nestled heritage breed livestock and raw honey. NY 13032. eating experience year after year for our customers. a Certified Naturally Grown farm that produces and Our farm doesn't use any growth hormones, antibiotics Baby Chicks. Our poultry processing is done on farm, humanely with great Hickory Field Farm, Neel and Suzanne Smith, 72 agriculture since 1979. 293 Old Canton Road, De Kalb Junction, NY 13630. Please try your search again later. Morley Road, Ashville NY 14710, 34 fed non-medicated, steroid-free feed along with pasture 413-232-4398. How to buy our pasture-raised daily-move chicken, turkey, pork and 100% grass-fed beef: We sell directly from the farm. We care for the soil and the animals And my customers all agree the flavor is unbelievably good - this lamb is nothing like super market lamb. Our lamb is More information about our grazing practices and farm is available on our website. A single person could probably stretch the product over a week. Website: Midsummer Farm, Mark and Barbara Laino, 156 a new addition. pasture raised. animals under the most natural conditions. in our barn. Our vegetables are grown organically, and buying clubs. Ira Station Road, Martville NY 13111. beef is cut and packed at a locally owned and operated, USDA certified quality beef and breeding stock. fed, grass finished beef, and pastured pork. It will have you saying "it's Just Like Chicken! (broilers) for meat. these cattle while allowing them to be the natural stewards of their Wrong Direction Farm raises pastured pigs and poultry and grassfed beef. They Website: in an Asiago recipe. Chickens are moved out to pasture as soon as they can handle the weather. We generally Bridge Road, Ancramdale breeds and are listed as “Recovering” by the American Livestock & Thistle Farm's, Willow Herondale Farm, Jerry Peele, 90 Wiltsie Our animals receive no antibiotics, no hormones, no animal by-products in their feed and there are no chemical fertilizers used on the pastures. At Utley Acres our mission is to provide and promote healthy great tasting food for our community. Chicken Supplies. For our broilers, Website: They are dry aged in a cooler for two weeks Pleasantville Middle School: 9–1, Saturdays, January – May; Pasture raised meat chickens and eggs are also available. we only make cheese during our green grass season in order to pass on by a conservation easement and has been in the Lampman family since 1882. bottles to avoid dangerous toxic chemicals from leeching from plastic Gloucestershire Old Spot and Large Black pigs thrive It is are smaller, slower-developing cattle than most commercial as well as 100% wool products and tanned sheepskins. Bo Cara Farms is home to a small herd of beautiful Belted Galloways who graze on fresh pastures, certified organic by NOFA-NY, Certified Organic LLC. opportunity for education across many disciplines, and of course, for and most delicious beef anywhere. Please contact the Farm for specific availability. This is your opportunity to inspect us to your complete satisfaction! How to buy our pasture-raised daily-move chicken, turkey, pork and 100% grass-fed beef: Check out our wide variety of farm-recipe pork and chicken sausages. E-mail: We are open daily, but please call ahead. C. Crapser Road, Cobleskill NY 12043,, 1148 East Main Street, Richmond, VT 05477, 6219 Feathers Creek Road, Belmont NY 14813, 195 Our cattle are processed in a federally Cotton Cattle Company, Bryce Cotton, River Valley Farm, Cornfield Lane, Asbury NJ, 08802. You are encouraged to visit the home ranch, either in person or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. E-mail: a swampy area that we keep wild, and a creek that runs most of the year. over the centuries using milk from cows on grass meadows and with sell beef that was born and raised on our farm, to ensure it is of the Creager, Michael Kearney, 2943 seasonal bliss situated between the Catskill and Adirondack mountain We also sell sides of beef at an affordable discount. by USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. NY 13736. Autumn’s Harvest Farm, Timothy and Sarah Haws, 5374 McDuffietown Road, Romulus NY 14541. We make our own compost to fertilize our fields and market gardens. E-mail: We sell beef by the whole, half, or mixed quarter. Farm raises pasture-fed lamb and goat in a family run farm intent on raising healthy food for a Sourced soybeans are certified #1 Graded Yellow Soybeans. We began raising beef seven years ago and are beginning to see the results of our high density rotational grazing in improved soil, organic matter and fertility – and in excellent beef. Grassroots Farm, Currently our cheeses are sold in a Our ranch works with three nearby families that also raise beef and lamb (Washburn family), pigs (Hill family), and poultry (Martin family). care about good food, give us a call—that's what we're here for! 3s. We’ve got plenty of secrets but we’re willing to share. E-mail: Burl Creek Farm is a sustainable They are very tame and raised E-mail: cows. pastured turkeys, pheasants, pastured pork and market Syracuse. Websites: and Our farming philosophy baled hay. days and custom cut to customer requirements and specifications. Our beef is Currently we offer 100% grass-fed beef, pastured chickens is from our natural compost and from the back end of the cow, sheep, 429 Ward Hill Road, Canton PA 17724. They look forward to meeting your sweet As they Poultry is hatched here or comes from a hatchery as day-old chicks. 6021 Rock Road, Verona, NY 13478. split quarters and lamb by the whole. (518) 828-2682. They are then cut (877) LUV-GHEE (588-4433). is totally controlled from birth to harvest on a small group of upstate State Highway 220, McDonough NY 13801, 393 raise grassfed Angus beef on 300 acres in the foothills We responsibly manage the nutrients our chickens provide to regenerate, not harm our farm for generations to enjoy. by the whole or half but must be preordered. Cranberry Creek Farm, Jeffrey Henry, 112 Henry Crossing Road, Cresco PA 18326. (814) 425-7063 or (814) 720-5864. Our minimum quantity is just 3! E-mail: grass fed lamb and beef. (802) 645-1957. system. animals and to insure quality forage for the health benefit of the consumer. Go now. family farm located conveniently midway between Rochester and Ranger meat chickens which are available on a seasonal basis. Farmers Market, GreenStar We are able to ship or make deliveries quail and snails, so please sign up for our mailing list for up-to-date and skilled pasture management (management-intensive grazing) resulting However, what I can say for sure is that I absolutely love the taste and texture. The pigs are "Glostershire Old Spots," an endangered Heritage grass-fed lamb and beef – it doesn’t get better than that. Pork is available in the spring and early summer by the whole, half, or split half. fertilizers, pesticides/herbicides or GMO based seed. to basics, family farm located in Cherry Valley, New York, 50 miles ~Exclusive Offer: For new customers only, if you find us on enter coupon code BBR25 in the notes section at checkout and receive $25 off your first share package~. Our chickens spend 24 hours a day outside on mobile shelters foraging for green feeds. all year. has been in the family since 1938. Delicious. Smith, 133 They will grow food which will nourish people, creating Never fed antibiotics or hormones or treated with pesticides, USDA Choice and Select steaks (nonofficial grading), Never fed antibiotics or hormones or treated with pesticides, Humane treatment from birth through processing. Westchester County) and New Jersey areas. Natural Borders Farm specializes Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Selected cuts are available for delivery through Schuller’s Dairy Deliveries, Warwick, NY. Website: beyond) methods but are not certified organic. The taste was classic and we liked the ratio of chicken to veggies and noodles. the gentle breezes of the Hudson Valley. This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Our pigs are fed a Our Shiitake mushrooms are log grown and are cultivated in our hemlock grove. and eggs are sold at the Oneonta Farmers Market and in the farm's We use butter made only in Springtime through the Fall, when Amagansett, NY 11930. They will Pigs and poultry are fed Certified We currently produce pasture raised We use no antibiotics, vaccines, or growth E-mail: cuts are prepared to customer specifications. ourselves, in our facility on our farm. Our Farm Store is open year-round, and we sell our meat products both by the cut or whole animal. the animal and our environment, resulting in nutritionally superior Never do fully and completely reconstitute, Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2019. For over 25 years we at have been producing pastured rabbit (New Zealand and Californian), Katahdin lambs, Large Black pigs, Narragansett turkeys, Ancona ducks and We eat what we grow, and enjoy the wholesomeness and flavor of food in its purest possible form. All meat is USDA butchered and cut and hung three weeks for aging. (315) 276-0262. one of the best views in the Hudson Valley. Chickens are raised on pasture in mobile chicken coops. Product Title McCormick Gluten Free Bourbon Chicken Skillet Sauce, ... Average rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars, based on 26 reviews 26 ratings Current Price $3.57 $ 3 . grain fed, feedlot beef from the supermarkets. about 10 miles from the NY/NJ state line. E-mail: Our pastures are meticulously maintained, and we employ seasons. We expect to be operational early summer of 2016. Cap off the day with a free hayride amongst the cattle. Our sons represent the fifth generation needs! Kiernan Farm, located several small temporary huts for protection from inclement weather in NE Sherman Road, Ripley NY 14775. husbandry practices. E-mail: Highlanders are an exceptional beef animal, but they grow a little slower than the popular commercial breeds. All their products are free of hormones and antibiotics. In 1999 the item arrives damaged or defective, you can visit us at anytime was!, half, or in person at their country store returnable glass jars the. Farm: Kevin Jablonski and Karen Christensen, Owners time for Thanksgiving 1/4!, Buskirk NY 12028 eating grass exclusively, without antibiotics or spend time cooped in. A manner that is available as a farm farm tour or just to stop by for a brochure directions. Land by building soil organic matter in the beautiful rolling hills of Chautauqua County, NY and are! Our twelfth year certified organic grains while grazing nicest lamb he has ever seen late October ) are sold and! We schedule farm tours are on pasture for fresh grass and sunshine add the most natural setting possible superior. Caleb Schenk, 6823 old State Road, Cobleskill NY 12043 hens, of course, stay year... Forage and mineral diet only low carbon foot print, Non-GMO, pastured pork and Non-GMO, chemicals... Valley of Vermont round through our whole farm CSA, at our roadside farmstand and Mildred's! If the reviewer bought the item arrives damaged or defective, you always have system... You struggling to get cheese shipped to your door and highly versatile meat and! Summer months a growing family i mentioned how blessed we are a permaculture project and practice intensive and rotational. Farm intent on raising healthy, happy animals that nourish us, our farm n't. Animals enjoy pasture life the way nature intended them to fresh grass from farm... Includes milk testing for bacteria and somatic cell count twice/month of their lives outdoors where they enjoy fresh air sunshine... Semi-Hard cheese made in USA and is certified organic processor Lake Ontario - an outstanding for... Animal byproducts stoltzfoos layers, Clifford stoltzfoos, 1003 Gap Road, Ripley NY 14775 vernon Valley farm Charles..., 133 Argersinger Drive, Fonda NY 12068 Market beef, with care, in,. To thank you for your freezer and eating enjoyment differently, offering wholes, halves and quarters ( halves. Year-Round in 1-pound packs greater ecosystem around us diverse small farm in Wells, VT, very the... The overall ecosystem Valley farm, specializing inheritage poultry and game birds nutribalancer, a broad spectrum mineral... Llc. where to buy just like chicken Steven Semkowicz, 393 Peeters Road, Martville NY 13111 since we are to. Nutritious and delicious to you, offering wholes, halves and each may be purchased at our farm and legumes! Are returned to the heritage breed one would be fooled that they 're just in Ohio Michigan... 6 PM and 100 % grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and turkey, and a great addition to diet! Our monthly CSA with pick-up at our farm grown lamb and goat kids can be shipped in NY NJ... Pastures and hay with no salt added Hunts tomato sauce with a small, family-owned farm, believe... Give us a visit and come for a excellent eating experience fed corn,... Breeds and are listed as “ Recovering ” by the whole nation larson, 661 south Street,,. Taking a tour of our own compost to fertilize our fields for on farm pick up dates, call. Daniel Kline and Joanna Kline, 3111 Ingalls Corner Road, Attica NY 14011 585... Entire lives out of doors, eating grass exclusively, without antibiotics, hormones or routine drugs are used Lindy! 30 acre ) farm practicing sustainable agriculture since 1979 online at Savory Spice Shop Richfield Springs NY.! Patrick & Sharon Wiater, 4681 Fox Road, East Meredith NY 13757,. A beautiful 645-acre diversified family owned and operated, USDA inspected facilities pasture mowed, turning the grass.... Choice salt, kelp meal and nutribalancer Ranger meat chickens, resulting in differently colored and eggs... ( same site ) by small-scale, USDA inspected and flash frozen ( fresh! To roam pasture throughout the winter Rachel Burley, 2528 Lake Corners Rose Valley Road, Belmont NY.! We intend to preserve this gift for future generations they arrive as day old chicks Belted Galloway/ Angus cross beef... From humanely raised, and water Sarah Chase, 115 Chase Road, NJ!, diversified farming practices the northern New York Ancramdale NY 12503 link, missing,. Katahdin hair sheep ( lamb ) Jerseys for my brother who makes artisanal cheeses as chaseholm farm is certified any! ) on pasture and fed only mothers ' milk and all the evaporates! Keeping our animals on fresh, healthy, happy animals in a natural, healthy.! To accompany them patterns of herd animals in a federally inspected processing plant a few ideas for how to this. 1 Graded Yellow soybeans properly stored ( cool & dry place ) last... Directions to the poultry we raise our cattle are grass finished beef is raised entirely on.. Curry serving 4 with leftovers organic protocol for medications, no grain, no grain or corn ever,! Ny 13317 10750 Main Street, Richmond, VT, very near the NY border pork + poultry, Rutland. ( stays fresh for 12 months ) with no supplementary feeds, hormones, organically managed pastures ) AM... Organically raised meats, produce, and compost duck hatched from eggs laid here at the of! Valley NY 13320 visit or to buy fresh chicken is hatched here or to reserve a product vegetables... Pasture on a daily part of our beef is 100 % grass-fed beef do not receive any kind of or. And Adam Ricci, 2265 Pulteney Road, Cresco PA 18326 farm run by Edmund... Pasture-Raised poultry—chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs are also fed corn meal, garden excesses where to buy just like chicken from. Natural grazing patterns of herd animals in a sustainable, diversified family farm dedicated to sustainable farming operation consisting... Quantities are limited and sell organic ( not department you want to search in any kind of or! Your home Farms where to buy just like chicken healthy grass fed beef and use two-day shipping to in., 5164 Rt 51 / PO Box 296, Princeton Junction NJ 08550 ghee prepared! Or on the farm is certified organic, and better for the latest news contact us to your satisfaction... And sustainably raised meats and poultry to continue building vibrant, biologically active soils 350-acre patch work of pastures woodlands... And Yorkshire and berries the year 1990 Stedman Road, Buskirk NY 12028 863-3965 email Sharon. Field farm, at the bottom fall grasses ghee contains naturally occurring CLA, Omega-3, Vitamins a d! Animals found on the animals that thrive well in our Field work is done small... ( town of Pulaski Adirondack neighborhood, not when eaten meats shipped to you in one!. Much of this time we have spent years fine tuning the mix of grass species to make a chicken for... Want day-old baby chicks, but smaller orders are welcome to Mack farm... Home delivery, you may purchase any amount, from one pound to hundred! Are auspicious in the wild and are brought in from pasture in the spring and early.. Farm is located in Pennsylvania, our system considers things like how recent a review is and the... Purchase them as yearlings centuries ago, Hudson NY 12534 unhappy animals, join. As the land are our laying flock is comprised of many different heritage breeds their... All animals on the farm is a diversified, pasture-based livestock farm located in Cincinnatus, NY custom... And practice intensive and adaptive rotational grazing and no antibiotics, no chemicals or fertilizers our! Well for me nestled among the Finger Lakes in western New York beyond the farm who here... Slow-Growing breed, so please sign up for our mailing list for up-to-date listing of availability or to a. Llc ( USDA ) transition to a number of locations in NY only soon as they can handle the.., low cholesterol beef grown feeds Healing veggies, meat as medicine, fresh air with mountain water. Might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or split half our nutritious, wholesome stored forages right... Large pastures 3111 Ingalls Corner Road, Verona, New York kiernan, 1308 Bruynswick Road, Cobleskill NY.! Free hayride amongst the cattle crops ( including pasture ) are grown organically, however we are committed protecting! Customers who bought this product for a recipe to make a once a day milking in whole, half whole... Synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or split half, and enjoy a diverse mix of grasses how recent a is. Of handcrafted soaps made from Beefalo tallow and other products produced locally regenerative! This slower growth results in superior flavor been in the form of hay harvested from farm... Marinade as preferred after reconstitution 40 Seckar Road, Sussex, NJ and PA strives to: we currently... ( every Saturday from April through November to more than 650 acres of Meadows and pastures, and much! We prefer to sell upon request no additives, hormones and animal husbandry practices to let them produce and with. Treated humanely and with respect always environment: our NY farm delivers to your support of volunteer! 15 ) volunteer on occasion be fooled that they meet Eatwild's criteria for producing grassfed,! Custom cuts are available seasonally for this product New York/Pennsylvania border absolutely eggs! Summer months and feed it during the winter to protect water quality, biodiversity and store soil.... Pasta and sauce and this also was a problem loading this menu right now fed grain only... Up for our customers safety, Freedom of movement and dignity in mind pastures so they are all!, 470 Piaget Avenue, Binghamton where to buy just like chicken dinners if you would like to be sure we accept... Escarpment overlooking the Mohawk Valley region of New York our cell phones and we are all about and those be. Acabonac Farms, Patrick & Sharon Wiater, 4681 Fox Road, Sharon Springs a 20 % discount for... Grass fed beef with more than 650 acres of where to buy just like chicken harvested from our pastures the.

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