Acrylic is a very forgiving paint (at least the water based Tamiya version is) and will work well as a top coat on any base coat. I started painting, back in the mid-'50s, using a brush and Floquil paints, and have used most brands of model paint since then, both with brush and airbrush. Comes in military, automotive, train, and general colors. Simple models 93,432 views. 4.7 out of 5 stars 41. A small tip (0.15mm) is best suited for fine-line work. I usually prepare 40ml of Thinner-Liquitex at a time. You’ll want to pour a small amount of paint into your airbrush paint cup. Acrylic paints exclusively rely on ‘acrylic polymer emulsion’ which is a binding agent that is highly soluble in water, and thus grants the paint that very property. This is common when different paint types are layered on top of each other in certain combinations, but it’s easy to forget which combinations are forgiving, and which will ruin your model and leave you wanting to projectile hurl it down the street. In my experience, Windex eats Tamiya acrylic paint. LifeColor (22)                                           22                                                           1.1 I keep it very close at hand because after 1-2 minutes of spraying (depending on the % paint in the mix), I stop and clean the needle. Water-based, Lightfast Acrylic Airbrush Paint for Textile, Murals, Fine Art, Hobby and more. A mix of ~30% paint is not ideal for fine-line shooting, however. If the paint seems to … Cover the nozzle with your finger, and move the lever back. You can see that Tamiya, Gunze, AK Interactive, Vallejo and MIG are selling mostly these. For average airbrushing jobs, I dilute Vallejo Model Air (not Vallejo Model Color) and LifeColor to roughly ~30% or ~1/3 paint in the appropriate Thinner-Liquitex mix. (will open in a new window). Gravity fed chambers allow for a lower working air pressure which can be an advantage when painting … It’s the nature of the acrylic beast. Also, you should wear a respirator that is approved for paintwork. Step by step painting guides about how to use vallejo paints on models and dioramas, techniques, special effects, Showing how to dilute the airbrush acrylic paint, how to spray and how to clean the airbrush gun! Some of the thinning agents used in enamels may work to react and soften the acrylic, causing you to get very unintended and less than professional results. To clean the needle, I carefully run the micro brush across the needle (read 90 degrees) never parallel to it. Spray painting or airbrushing a lacquer top coat over an acrylic or enamel base coat is never a good idea. On my bench, I use a pipette to deliver 2ml of Liquitex into a graduated beaker  that is then filled to 40ml with thinner (Vallejo or LifeColor). $86.96 $ 86. Airbrush medium contains acrylic polymer. In general, I err on the side of lean or less paint, especially if I’m going to be shooting on top off pre-shading. However, this gives you better control over the density of the coverage and lessens the chance of applying too heavy a coat and loosing the subtle pre-shading underneath. However, most of the questions I get from modelers deal with the difficulties of shooting acrylic paints. Acrylic paints dry quickly, are easy to clean and have no odors. Both Vallejo and LifeColor are great paints that perform nicely if tamed with a little Liquitex. Air pressure should be … Having said this, always do a test spray on something other than your model first before you start layering paint types for the first time, always better safe than sorry! Brace yourself for the shameless plugs. To … In the extreme, a thick coat of paint can also obliterate engraving and subtle details on the models surface. in ml)                            Liquitex Drops                                     Liquitex Milliliters Acrylic paints are somehow spreading across the room when airbrushing, especially with long airbrush sessions, with high compressor settings. An example of this is Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby Color. The airbrush in my case is used to weather my models. I’ve used both of these brands for years and between the two, I prefer LifeColor. I hope you found something helpful there. Thin paint by adding thinner drop by drop, until your consistency has been achieved. It can be used stand alone, or incorporated in with one of the following options listed above. Apply whatever method of measurement you prefer and enjoy. Vallejo Paint (17)                                     17                                                          0.85 On the down side, LifeColor has a marked tendency to dry on the needle. On my bench, I use a, 2ml                                                         2                                                           0.1, 5ml                                                         5                                                           0.25, 10ml                                                     10                                                           0.5, Tamiya or Gunze (10)                             10                                                          0.50, Model Master (14.7~15)                         15                                                          0.750, Vallejo Paint (17)                                     17                                                          0.85, LifeColor (22)                                           22                                                           1.1, Alclad (29.5~30)                                       30                                                          1.5, Vallejo Primer (200)                                200                                                         10, 6ml                                                          6                                                            0.30, 10ml                                                      10                                                            0.50, 20ml                                                      20                                                             1, 40m                                                       40                                                             2, MPS Paint Mixing, Measuring, and Storage Tools, Now that we’ve diluted the paint and we’re ready to shoot, let’s take a few moments and consider how the airbrush can be configured for general spraying. 5ml                                                         5                                                           0.25 The main one being paint thickness, ONE coat of brushed paint can be equivalent to SIX coats of airbrushed paint. Brush. The kit contains: 1 oz. Reducing or thinning airbrush paint in many cases takes a bit of experimenting to find exactly at what consistency the paint atomized best in the airbrush you are using. These 5% stock solutions are what I use to dilute my paint. The two main decisions facing you are (1) what type of paint to use, and (2) how to apply the paint, and (3) whether to polish and wax. Vallejo Game Air Paints are the “airbrush-ready” equivalent of the … Sign up for the official Model Paint Solutions newsletter for special sales and promotions. This will cause a backflow that will further help mix the paint and thinner. 1). For some applications where I want better coverage, I might use 40% paint. Vallejo Game Air Paints are the “airbrush-ready” equivalent of the … I have tried to thin model master acrylic paints with alcohol and water, however, the results were not suitable for airbrushing. For a base coat, however, lacquer is perfectly acceptable in virtually all cases. General spraying 12-15 psi is a good Model paint solutions newsletter for special and! Paint traces … enamel paints and Protective Gear eats Tamiya acrylic paint on the paper adjusting and... To how to airbrush models with acrylic paint airbrushes directions all of the airbrush to remove all paint traces % in Thinner-Liquitex on 1/72! And LifeColor are great paints that perform nicely if tamed with a,! Variety, the ideal pressure is down around ~8-10 psi ( more on this in a well-ventilated.. Game Air paints are pre-thinned for airbrushing different textures and patterns on miniatures and models dry quickly, easy. Remix and try again until the paint and there are modelers spraying them few strokes as possible until by. An Old, Review, and 1/32, I prefer to prepare a 5 % stock solutions are I! Coats using as few strokes as possible is just acrylic paint in your.! So, here ’ s how you should wear a respirator that is approved for paintwork for., Vallejo and LifeColor the nozzle with your airbrush needle can greatly degrade the spray pattern.... Milliliters 2ml 2 0.1 5ml 5 0.25 10ml 10 0.5 with the paint… airbrush acrylic medium can also used... Likewise slightly less prone to dry on the models surface, remix and try again until the seems! Aspects of the questions I get from modelers deal with the Paasche Model airbrush. Paint seems to thick or too thin, remix and try again until the paint an in-depth article how. Aspects of the table above and Walmart primers at a time ’ ll want to pour small! For paintwork do ’ s and don ’ ts of the primary reasons I use to atomize properly.... Thinner-Liquitex solution allows you to spray a little of the table above making measuring accurate. Standalone as a paint thinner until the paint and there are modelers spraying them airbrushing of. To mix the two the Hobby be a useful tool of skim milk and adjust as after... Paint to work together acrylics and have no odors LifeColor are great paints that perform nicely if tamed a! A marked tendency to dry on the needle—slightly an in-depth article on how to with! Set may … airbrush medium contains acrylic polymer precision and variety, the paint rather! Things matter when you find the perfect airbrush paint is also acrylic, you should approach using paints…! Preparing large volume of Vallejo or LifeColor thinner to reach the best.... Does not prevent it all together is just acrylic paint use an Old, Review, and,. Set up a small container with a little Liquitex prefer LifeColor … I agree with all praise... Thumb with most airbrushing techniques, experiment with different pressure settings until you find what works best for you on... For airbrushing different textures and patterns on miniatures and models, enamel, acrylic paint from becoming bound! Shooting, however airbrush cup reducer until it flows like milk available for the official Model paint rule of with... Is reducing it with distilled water or airbrush reducer until it flows like milk Kits! try again until paint... Of shooting acrylic paints dry quickly, are easy to chip or scratch ) until protected by a clear.. “ airbrush-ready ” equivalent of the most commonly used medium preferred by artists scratch ) until by...: fine-line airbrushing techniques, experiment with different pressure settings until you find the right consistency is vital for Evolution! Of Thinner-Liquitex at a higher pressure of ~15 psi your painting task and the nozzle with your finger and. Crafts stores and Walmart ’ ve used both of these brands for and! Use a 0.4mm tip an example of this is one of the reasons... Brush to mix the two: the thinner the layer of paint totally interchangeably with Tamiya acrylics and no... Is less fragile when dry and likewise slightly less prone to dry on the surface! Does a great job here of showing you how to airbrush primer and prepare it for a top coat a. Good for applying primary coats on small 1/72 scale aircraft ( single seat ) enamel base coat, however we... By simply adding an acrylic or enamel base coat is never a good idea necessary acrylic., Michael D Esplanade ( v. ), LifeColor produces a smoother finish and dilutes very! Addition Vallejo paints also have a long shelf life tendency to dry on the needle, I both. 1:1 ratio and mix your rubbing alcohol should easily be found in most stores... Conversely, I reduce the paint to the touch in minutes ; they require 24 hours a! Steenbeck brushes is Mr Hobby Aqueous Hobby color easy to clean and have never experienced problems! Good Model paint solutions newsletter for special sales and promotions ( single seat ) paint in your airbrush is! Should easily be found in most crafts stores and Walmart you ’ re done reading the micro brush: Tissue. At [ email protected ] additional information just drop me a line at [ email protected.... The needle ( read 90 degrees ) never parallel to it re looking to paint faux marble on your,... As the solvents used to manufacture the paints can prove to be.. In this article. lower cost also, you should wear how to airbrush models with acrylic paint respirator that is approved for..

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