“We have no art. We do everything as well as we can” – Balinese Proverb

When the explorer from the “civilized world” asked the Balinese to show him their art, they were puzzled. The explorer tried to explain what art is to the very capable but rather uncomfortable interpreter who insisted, however, that in Bali they had no word for “art.” Finally, the explorer clarified, “Art is what you do best.” To which the Balinese answered, “Then everything we do is art, since we always do our best”.

The Balinese are an intentional people with a committed relationship to the spirit world and sacred gods. They are humble and generous and live by the teachings that we cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves. Too often our lives become chaotic, busy and mindless. The Balinese show us how to bring sacredness back into everyday life.