Our fantastic local framer in California has just sent over some ‘work in progress’ photos from his recent work on Anserai’s Collection #1.  Not only is he framing some pieces, but also displaying some using reused/distressed wood bases and iron armatures.

Given that pictures can say one thousand words, I will shut up and let them do the talking…

Two vintage bags and two necklaces from Collection #1, together with the extensive amount of tools and materials required to frame them beautifully.

This is my favourite necklace from Collection #1 (Grey Bonnet and Money Cowrie shells in perfect condition) – hence all the pics of it.  We only have a couple of them…I am trying to persuade Elly to let me keep one!

The coins decorating this bag are antique Netherlands Indies guilders, from a long long time ago.

All the wood we are using for our bases is reclaimed, hand-sawn and hand-sanded…

This one on the RHS is my second favourite necklace of Collection #1 – made of ‘Magical Cone’ shells, formal name Conus Magnus.  And these small money cowrie shells have been mounted beautifully on the wooden frames.

These three are the first necklaces on stands to come off the production line and they are simply stunning!

Just a week or two longer (post Christmas and NY fog) til these will be ready for purchase in our boutique.