Ubud is known as the cultural center of Bali and as a land of artists. At Anserai, we absolutely love its traditional charm, and stunning array of beautiful artisanal crafts. There is no difficulty finding authenticity amisdt the squatting Balinese sellers haggling loudly among spices and vegetables. It is a such a pleasure to get up at the crack of dawn, head down to the market, chat with the locals and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of this daily ritual.

Beautifully painted handwoven baskets are functional artworks. Designed to contain offerings, they can be found in every market on the island. Festivals and offerings are central elements of Balinese culture and the baskets full of flowers, rice, or cookies are frequently left outside a home’s front door as a gift to the gods. Artisans paint traditional Indonesian designs on the basket, which is then reinforced with a wooden frame, stuffed with kapok fiber, and sewn shut.

Going to Bali and want to explore this market yourself?  We recommend arriving at dawn, as the local produce market is over by around 7.30am when it turns into the normal tourist market.